Think your kids are in bed?

The night before Jason and I put the kids to bed and thought they were sound asleep. So we go outside to hang out with the neighbors for an hour. When we came inside Riley was coming up the stairs and said "Mommy we made a mess down stairs" So I proceeded to get them back in bed before looking at the damage in the house.
WOW can two little girls go through a house like a tornado when no parents are in the house.

Lets see they dumped out a whole bag of lucky charms from upstairs to downstairs.

A whole tube of toothpaste in the living room. On just about everything!!

They peeled four ears of corn.

And I guess Hayden had to go poop so Riley wiped her butt and then put her night time diaper back on with half a bottle of baby powder.

I am sure there are a few things I am leaving out! All this while we were just right outside the house. And the older girls were fast asleep in bed.
Why do we have kids that make the biggest messes you could imagine?? Tiff and Kris were the same way when they were little.

I would have gotten pictures of these messes but, who had time for that! I was a bit in shock. I made the girls do lots of cleaning when they got up in the morning. I also went into their room and make it a mess then had them clean it. Which they were not fans of! But I wanted them to understand that they can not make messes like that. If they did not like it in their room maybe they would understand we do not like it in our house???

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Best flowers I have ever had!

Jason got me these flowers two weeks ago and today they still look like he just bought them. He normally gets me roses. But this time he got these and now they are my favorite!!! I don't know what they are called, maybe someone else will. They really don't have a smell but, they are the prettiest flowers I have had! Don't get me wrong I LOVE roses they just don't last as long as these has.
So if your wanting flowers to look new for weeks get these!

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How a two year old paints toe nails.

Hayden got into nail polish the other day and decided to paint her own nails. And the couch. I want new furniture sooooo bad but, with these kids it is just pointless! She was so proud of herself when she was caught. Look what I did! It's hard to get mad at them when they are figuring out how to do things. But she still got in trouble. And she wanted me to take off the polish after she was done because it was all over her foot but, I made her keep it on thinking maybe she will not do it again. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Kids gotta Love them!

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Riley and Connor.

This is Riley's "boyfriend" I thought these were some great pictures of the two of them.

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The joys of having older Sisters!

Keegan is someday going to get his older Sister Kristen back for this one. He was not very happy about what he was wearing he just knew it was not right!

Tiffany likes to play Baby with Riley and Hayden. They just eat this up.
No Riley does not normally take a bottle, only when they are playing.

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Putting in a pool!

Jason and I decided O.K well mostly I decided to put in a pool. Jason was all for it! What a job this has been. Jason has worked countless hours and tons on hard labor for this pool. I was just thinking cut out some of the ground and put up the pool! Yeah right. The amount of dirt and the size of the hole is just unbelievable. We now have to put up a massive block wall. I am just hoping to get it done in time to do some swimming in it this year. And one of the worst parts is we have 8000 pounds of sand in our driveway. And I HATE sand. The kids have been having a blast with it!

So I want to put a HUGE thank you out to my husband! You must really love me. I think most husbands would have flipped out on the amount of work that has to go into it. Oh yeah and $$$$$$$.
I don't think Jason will just jump right in on another one of my bright ideas any time soon!
Thank you thank you thank you Honey!!!! I love you very much! I promise this will be the last big thing I dream up for a while! :) At least a few months. LOL


Some more fun times at the lake!

We LOVE our Aunt Jodie!!!

Riley getting spoiled.

Boating is hard work!

See ya! I will take myself on a boat ride!

Really I am a crazy man I will do it!

Boy does Keegan LOVE his Grandpa!!

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