Sorry head in fog more to come soon.... promise!! Along with a name change!


I am back!

Yep you read right! I am back!! Seems like I have not blogged since Feb! WOW really has it been that long? What a slacker I must be.
I really need to blog often to help remember the things our kids do.


Can you do more than one thing at a time??

Well apparently a 4 year old thinks you can!

So today is Monday and Mondays are always crazy and hard around here, I don't know why but the kids are always very crabby! Maybe Daddy withdrawals?! I don't know!

Keegan wanted waffles, Riley and Hayden wanted corn... and I needed to make kool-aid. So I put the waffles in the toaster and starting making the kool-aid and Riley was getting inpatient... This is how it went!!

Riley... Mom may I please have my corn.

Mom.. Just a minute Riley I have to make the kool-aid first. I can only do one thing at a time!

Riley... With a duhhhhh look on her face, as if she thought for a split second that she had the dumbest Mom ever!
Ummmmm Mom you have two hands! Use one to make the kool-aid and the other for the corn...duhhhhhhh MOM!

I felt as if in a way I had been out smarted by a four year old.... I mean in a way she was right!

Oh how do they come up with such things?!?!?!

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Thinking back!

I have been thinking back about what we have done to our house in the two years we have lived here.... I came to the realization that I owe a BIG HUGE thank you to my husband Jason!! Wow after looking back at what we have done in two years I kinda feel bad about working you so hard! You must love us.
Lets see we have
replaced all interior doors

all trim

gutted and remodeled the main upstairs bathroom

gutted and remodeled the kitchen

replaced all light fixtures (they had nice shinny gold ones up) yuck yuck and yuck!


all new carpet, hardwood and ceramic

paint in every room

new pool, with a huge block wall

new siding

new windows

made a huge master closet

sure there are a few things I am forgetting.

On top of raising five kids!!! Honey you are the best! I love you with all my heart! I promise to take it easy on you this year.... as soon as we get.... done. Just joking. Take a break and enjoy what you have done you deserve it!!!

Honey I hope that you can look back at these photos and be proud of yourself for what you have done!
Not only have you totally redone our house, but you have worked full time and been an awesome DAD!!! I am so proud and happy to be your wife!!!

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New hair style.

I got 16 inches cut off my hair again this year. I did this 4 years ago. I like the new style just takes some time getting used to it. I did donate it to locks of love!

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Jason had to go to A.Z for a week and I was bored so I got the great idea of making our Master closet bigger! It was a lot of work and I had lots of "help" from the kids! I was able to get it all framed up before he got home then we put up the drywall. It was soooo worth all the work put into it!!! I love it!
Guess I need to take some photos of the job complete to post. :-)

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Christmas at our house.

The kids all had a wonderful time Christmas morning! For some reason we did not get many photos, guess we were busy opening gifts. :-)

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Christmas In K.C

Christmas is always a busy time of the year for us. We went to K.C and had Christmas with Jason's dads family then when on to have Christmas with his mom.

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Ok I am back! Riley got a hair cut!

Well it looks like some time has past since I have posted. Here are a few pics from over the last couple of months!
Now Hayden and Riley really look like twins. My goal was to get Riley's hair cut so it would not be so hard to comb and thinking she would look like my little girl again! WRONG she looks older!

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Can you say slacker?!?!

Ok I am sorry I have not blogged in a couple of weeks! My laptop crashed and it's not back yet.
Things are going really, really well here! I am staying busy with doing my Pampered Chef Party's and the kids are all doing wonderful! I am getting used to Riley and Hayden not taking naps and we put all the kids down for bed at 7!!!! Jason and I have lots more time in the evenings to spend time together! ;-)
I could not ask for things to go better than they are! I just don't have the time to be on the computer as I once did when the girls were taking naps! I promise that sometime in the next week I will post some pictures!
I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!


I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Lindsey, My Little Muchkin

Lets see what I can come up with.

1. I HATE soggy food.

2. I play with all the remote controls backs while watching T.V till they break.

3. I like to eat dinner food for breakfast.

4. I take the crust off of my bread.

5. I can not stand crickets!!

6. Can not wait for mail time, even though I hardly ever open it.

7. I sleep with a blankie. It's fleece and has to be on my face. :-)

The rules say you have to tag 7 other people. But that is to much work! :-) So just join in if you would like.

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A day at Six Flags.

Our good friends Amber and Brad invited us to spend the day at Six Flags with them. It was A.B day! So it was totally free for us to go, down to the spending money there! It was so awesome. We had lots of fun. The girls liked the rides more than I thought they would. Especially Hayden! There were a few things I wanted them to get on that they would not. Now Amber's little boy Connor was not scared of anything, he wanted to ride the big rides.
Thanks Amber and Brad for the fun filled day.

Never to old to ride the horses!!!

Jason was about ready to have a heart attack on this ride! He did not like Hayden up on the edge at all! The girls had zero fear on this!

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Smiles that melt your heart!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Hayden!

Oct 4th was Hayden's 3rd birthday! It is so hard to believe that she is already 3! It really just seems like yesterday she was fighting for her life! She had a fun filled birthday! Riley and Hayden think it's the coolest thing ever that they are both 3 right now!

This is Hayden showing us how old she is!