A day at Six Flags.

Our good friends Amber and Brad invited us to spend the day at Six Flags with them. It was A.B day! So it was totally free for us to go, down to the spending money there! It was so awesome. We had lots of fun. The girls liked the rides more than I thought they would. Especially Hayden! There were a few things I wanted them to get on that they would not. Now Amber's little boy Connor was not scared of anything, he wanted to ride the big rides.
Thanks Amber and Brad for the fun filled day.

Never to old to ride the horses!!!

Jason was about ready to have a heart attack on this ride! He did not like Hayden up on the edge at all! The girls had zero fear on this!

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Amber said...

I am so glad that you guys had a good time! You got some good pics!

Lindsey said...

Six Flags is so much fun! I'm glad everyone had a great time! By the way, I tagged you on my blog!

The Wilburn Family said...

Jason & Angie, it was fun to get your note on our blog a few weeks ago. Thanks for leaving a comment! We really enjoyed looking at your blog and catching up with your beautiful family! 5 kids, what fun and what a blessing! -Mark and Chrissy Wilburn