Can you say slacker?!?!

Ok I am sorry I have not blogged in a couple of weeks! My laptop crashed and it's not back yet.
Things are going really, really well here! I am staying busy with doing my Pampered Chef Party's and the kids are all doing wonderful! I am getting used to Riley and Hayden not taking naps and we put all the kids down for bed at 7!!!! Jason and I have lots more time in the evenings to spend time together! ;-)
I could not ask for things to go better than they are! I just don't have the time to be on the computer as I once did when the girls were taking naps! I promise that sometime in the next week I will post some pictures!
I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!


I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Lindsey, My Little Muchkin

Lets see what I can come up with.

1. I HATE soggy food.

2. I play with all the remote controls backs while watching T.V till they break.

3. I like to eat dinner food for breakfast.

4. I take the crust off of my bread.

5. I can not stand crickets!!

6. Can not wait for mail time, even though I hardly ever open it.

7. I sleep with a blankie. It's fleece and has to be on my face. :-)

The rules say you have to tag 7 other people. But that is to much work! :-) So just join in if you would like.

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A day at Six Flags.

Our good friends Amber and Brad invited us to spend the day at Six Flags with them. It was A.B day! So it was totally free for us to go, down to the spending money there! It was so awesome. We had lots of fun. The girls liked the rides more than I thought they would. Especially Hayden! There were a few things I wanted them to get on that they would not. Now Amber's little boy Connor was not scared of anything, he wanted to ride the big rides.
Thanks Amber and Brad for the fun filled day.

Never to old to ride the horses!!!

Jason was about ready to have a heart attack on this ride! He did not like Hayden up on the edge at all! The girls had zero fear on this!

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Smiles that melt your heart!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Hayden!

Oct 4th was Hayden's 3rd birthday! It is so hard to believe that she is already 3! It really just seems like yesterday she was fighting for her life! She had a fun filled birthday! Riley and Hayden think it's the coolest thing ever that they are both 3 right now!

This is Hayden showing us how old she is!

They busted themselves!

Well I have always said that our kids are always getting into the cabinets for stuff. Well this time Riley took photos of them in action! It was so funny looking through the pictures and then asking them if they done that and they say no...
I asked who had the camera and Riley said Hayden and clear as day it's Hayden in the pictures so it couldn't have been Hayden. Lets just hope that while they are growing up they always tell on themselves!!


How gorgeous is this?

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Winery with some friends of ours that we met while I was on bed rest in the hospital for 5 weeks! We had a great time and the scenery was just gorgeous!!! I wish my house was on top of the hill with that view! I love the photo Jason took with our wine glasses in the tree.

Ummmm I don't know where the wine went?

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Things we think we won't miss?!?!

Have you ever came upon a mess your kid has made and thought to yourself wow I won't miss then when they get older? I can not tell you how many times that happens to me, but as I really think about it maybe I will miss this stuff for instance.....

When you go to get a piece of toilet paper it's not in shreds or soaking wet. Wow what would that be like?

Go to get a piece of gum and it's all gone and you just bought it yesterday.

Pieces of important paperwork with kids writing all over them. You know I had to send a note with Tiffany to school for her teacher with these words... Please excuse Tiffany from not having her homework back today, her sister ate it!! Heard of Dog eating it, but your sister!! That has to be a new one for the teacher!

Hand prints all over your walls.

Missing shoes. That they stick in the oddest of places.

Half chewed up food put back into the container of whatever it came out of!

There are so many things!!! But when I think about these things I think we really will miss them once they are all grown up.

I would like to hear some of the things that your kids do that you don't like now, but you think you will miss them. I will add to this when I think of new things or as they happen. :-)

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Venturing out a bit!

Well time for a new venture in my life. I have been thinking and thinking for years what I can do for me? What can I do that I can make some money, yet have a great time? Being a stay at home mom is not the easiest job in the world. Especially when your such a people person.Although I love my job here at home I was still missing something.

So I have made the choice to become a Pampered Chef Consultant!! And OMG do I think I am going to love it!!! I received my kit to start selling and I am not joking it was like Christmas morning for me!! When I show my kit to others it's so exciting for me! I really think I have found something that I am going to love wait I already do!! It will make the perfect balance for me. Now I will be able to get out of the house visit with others and get them excited to get back to the basics of dinner time with family! Dinner time at our house is very important to us. We sit down as a family with no T.V on and ask the questions how was your day? What did you learn today? It is our time! I think all family's should do this.
My kids have friends that their family's never sit down as a family to eat, and when they come to our house for the night and get to sit down with our family one of their questions is wow you do this every night? Then their next statement is I wish our family did this.

So I am just so excited about the next stage of my life. Now I can go out and visit with people yet still make some money! And I still get to be a stay at home mom!! Wow both of all worlds! :-)

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Keegan and Riley helping Daddy work on the car!

Daddy that looks like hard work! I will sit here and watch you while I eat this ice pop!!

Ok I am done with my ice pop! What can I do to help?

Thats right Daddy out of my way lets see if I can fix it!!

These are some of my favorite moments to capture!! The kids are so big into helping out right now and it's just the cutest thing ever!!

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Here are a few cute pics!

Tiffany and Riley doing the whole leg thing!

They love each other!

Keegan has learned what the woods are!! He loves thinking he is hiding from you!

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How cool is this?

Riley has learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! We got her bike out last night that does not have training wheels on it and much to our surprise she took off on it! Wow I can not believe she is doing this at the age of 3!!!!! I am just so darn proud of her!!!

Sorry for the quality of the video it was from my phone.

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And then there was 5 again.

We are now back to a family of seven! We picked the girls up on Monday. They had a wonderful time. Hayden kept looking at us with this huge smile on her face. Riley was giving the best hugs ever!
The time they were gone did go by fast and we enjoyed just having Keegan for the days we did.
We went out to lunch everyday and a few dinners. I was having a blast with just one kid home during the day. We were never home!!!! My Neighbor Jenny and I even took Keegan to Joes Crab Shack Friday night for dinner for 3 hours! That was a lot of fun!

Well now that I am back to a full house I realize how much work having three baby's at home is. I guess before I knew no different. Plus we are having to de-spoil the girls a bit!! :-)

I am so happy to have our whole family back together they sure were missed while they were gone!!

Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will take all 3 baby's next year then Jason and I can go somewhere with lots of sun, palm trees, sand, hammocks, cold drinks with umbrellas in them.... Noooooo I don't have it planned already! ;-) HEHE

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Another update on Riley and Hayden.

Riley and Hayden are having a great time! They have now been gone for four nights, I was thinking for sure at this point they would be crying and wanting to come home... Nope not the case. I can hear in their voice at times that they are missing us. Grandma and Grandpa are showing them a wonderful time!
Grandma Paula has taken them every where. They even went to the K.C Zoo and walked around for 4 1/2 hours! She did not even take a stroller! They have been swimming, the park and shopping. They are getting to visit with their Aunts that they don't get to see that often.

So the original plan was to pick them up on Friday, but they are having so much fun that Grandma and Grandpa want to take them down to the lake on Friday. So now we will pick them up on Monday. That will be 8 nights away! I just can not believe it. The most they have ever been away from us is two nights.

I sure am missing my little girls. The house seems to have the life sucked out of it! Jason is really missing them when he comes home from work, he is used to them running outside to greet him then rolling around on the floor together! I think it would be much easier if we were not home while they were gone. Like on a vacation so we were busy also. But being home without them here is just weird!

I am just so happy that the girls are having such a wonderful time!! I hope that these are some memory's that they will remember forever! I know that Grandma and Grandpa will!! :-)

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Update on girls

I talked with Riley and Hayden today. Well Riley was so excited and having so much fun that she was talking 100 miles per minute! Hayden was going on and on about something I just could not make it out! It sounds like they are having lots and lots of fun! Grandma Paula sounds like she is having the time of her life with them! Plus it's an excuse for her to make chocolate cake and eat it! You know because she made it for the girls. ;-)
I know they are having lots of fun, but still missing them here!
We did go out to eat tonight for Kristen's B-day and it was a great time!!!

Again I want to thank Grandma and Grandpa for giving the girls an amazing time!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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Just one baby for a week.

Let me start this out by saying the last two weeks here at home have been very challenging with Riley and Hayden. I don't know if was them or if I have just been into a mood. So I felt at my wits end many days not knowing what the next day would bring.

Well yesterday Jason's Dad and Step Mom came by to visit us from K.C and out of the blue Paula asked if they could take Riley and Hayden back with them to K.C for the week, of course I said yes! And thought to myself did I really just hear that or am I dreaming. So the girls were all excited to go with Grandma and Grandpa!!!! I really need this break to have some time to spend with just Keegan and the girls needed time away from us.

Now it's so weird because even though the past two weeks have been hard and getting them to bed at night has been rough. I still after putting Keegan to bed last night went outside and started crying. It's very weird not having them around. It makes all the things that were stressing me out before seem so little. I kinda miss the fits they would throw or hearing 100 times we want chocolate milk!!

I am missing them more than ever and find myself just going into their room and looking around. I am going to get the most out of this week and enjoy myself. I know they are having a great time!!! Maybe getting really spoiled!!!

So God must have known that I really needed a break and sent them to my rescue!! So Grandma and Grampy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking them and showing them a great time!!!

Riley and Hayden I miss you more than you know!!! I miss your smiles in the morning, Hayden I miss that laugh!! I even kinda miss the messes!! Mommy loves you very much and can not wait to see you! :-) (I even turned on Dora this morning so it seemed like you were home)
I hope you guys are having a wonderful time!


The best purchase ever!!!

If you don't already have a set of these they are a MUST!!!
I am talking about the front loader washer and dryer!! We have the LG Tramm set
OMG they are the biggest time saver of anything we have ever owned! I LOVE this set we have had it for about 5 months now and have no complaints! With having a family of 7 I am still able to keep way ahead on laundry. I love the steam wash on the washer your clothes come out so much cleaner. Laundry is no longer an issue around this house.
We always took all of Jason's work clothes to the cleaners because I did not have time to press his stuff well we no longer have to do so. Since the washer has the steam feature they come out looking like they were just pressed! So we are now saving money with this set. Also they use around 50% or something like that less water.

This was one of our best purchases. So if your going back and forth on getting a set stopping thinking about it and do it! You will thank yourself later!!!


Daddy's little helper!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times!

What ever Jason is doing Keegan is right in the middle of it! He loves helping his Daddy. When I look at pictures like these it makes me fall in Love with Jason all over again!
Jason is such an incredibly awesome Dad! We are all so blessed to have him in our life!

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New addition to our family!

We decided to get the kids a kitty. His name is skippy! Very playful kitty and very cute! He has adjusted well with all the kids and has come to realize that he has no control on what they are going to do to him.

He also has bright blue eyes like all the kids except Tiffany.

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Attitude mixed with a lot of hair!

I was able to capture the great attitude and hair Riley has going on in the mornings! She is by far not a morning person at all!!!
This chicks hair is so wild in the mornings!

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The Pool is finished!

The pool is finished and the kids LOVE it!!! After seeing all of them play it made putting up the pool 100% worth it!! Keegan loves to swim under water!

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Proud to announce!

NO WE ARE NOT EXPECTING!! (although there has been many times Jason and I wish we were)

But I am no longer a Minivan driver!!!!!!!!!! Jason went and bought me a Chevy Suburban! It's huge! I LOVE IT!!! The color is Pewter which is one of my favorites! I am so excited about it. The van was wonderful while the kids were still in infant carseats, but the time has come to say good bye!! :)

I have always hated Minivans. I know it seems funny that little me likes to drive a huge vehicle like my new Suburban, but it's so much more comfy for me to drive.

I will post pics soon and also make some more post. I still have not figured out how to get my pictures to flicker. So I have to wait for Jason to do it. And lets just say he has not had a free minute. Between getting a new pool, car shopping and anything we might have been doing things have been CRAZY!!

Oh I found this Koozie the other day that I just started laughing in the store out loud.. It's so perfect for me..
It's says Every great idea I have gets me in trouble!

And I also found one for Jason it says Hold that thought and take it elsewhere! How perfect for him!!


Think your kids are in bed?

The night before Jason and I put the kids to bed and thought they were sound asleep. So we go outside to hang out with the neighbors for an hour. When we came inside Riley was coming up the stairs and said "Mommy we made a mess down stairs" So I proceeded to get them back in bed before looking at the damage in the house.
WOW can two little girls go through a house like a tornado when no parents are in the house.

Lets see they dumped out a whole bag of lucky charms from upstairs to downstairs.

A whole tube of toothpaste in the living room. On just about everything!!

They peeled four ears of corn.

And I guess Hayden had to go poop so Riley wiped her butt and then put her night time diaper back on with half a bottle of baby powder.

I am sure there are a few things I am leaving out! All this while we were just right outside the house. And the older girls were fast asleep in bed.
Why do we have kids that make the biggest messes you could imagine?? Tiff and Kris were the same way when they were little.

I would have gotten pictures of these messes but, who had time for that! I was a bit in shock. I made the girls do lots of cleaning when they got up in the morning. I also went into their room and make it a mess then had them clean it. Which they were not fans of! But I wanted them to understand that they can not make messes like that. If they did not like it in their room maybe they would understand we do not like it in our house???

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Best flowers I have ever had!

Jason got me these flowers two weeks ago and today they still look like he just bought them. He normally gets me roses. But this time he got these and now they are my favorite!!! I don't know what they are called, maybe someone else will. They really don't have a smell but, they are the prettiest flowers I have had! Don't get me wrong I LOVE roses they just don't last as long as these has.
So if your wanting flowers to look new for weeks get these!

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How a two year old paints toe nails.

Hayden got into nail polish the other day and decided to paint her own nails. And the couch. I want new furniture sooooo bad but, with these kids it is just pointless! She was so proud of herself when she was caught. Look what I did! It's hard to get mad at them when they are figuring out how to do things. But she still got in trouble. And she wanted me to take off the polish after she was done because it was all over her foot but, I made her keep it on thinking maybe she will not do it again. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Kids gotta Love them!

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Riley and Connor.

This is Riley's "boyfriend" I thought these were some great pictures of the two of them.

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