Things we think we won't miss?!?!

Have you ever came upon a mess your kid has made and thought to yourself wow I won't miss then when they get older? I can not tell you how many times that happens to me, but as I really think about it maybe I will miss this stuff for instance.....

When you go to get a piece of toilet paper it's not in shreds or soaking wet. Wow what would that be like?

Go to get a piece of gum and it's all gone and you just bought it yesterday.

Pieces of important paperwork with kids writing all over them. You know I had to send a note with Tiffany to school for her teacher with these words... Please excuse Tiffany from not having her homework back today, her sister ate it!! Heard of Dog eating it, but your sister!! That has to be a new one for the teacher!

Hand prints all over your walls.

Missing shoes. That they stick in the oddest of places.

Half chewed up food put back into the container of whatever it came out of!

There are so many things!!! But when I think about these things I think we really will miss them once they are all grown up.

I would like to hear some of the things that your kids do that you don't like now, but you think you will miss them. I will add to this when I think of new things or as they happen. :-)

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Venturing out a bit!

Well time for a new venture in my life. I have been thinking and thinking for years what I can do for me? What can I do that I can make some money, yet have a great time? Being a stay at home mom is not the easiest job in the world. Especially when your such a people person.Although I love my job here at home I was still missing something.

So I have made the choice to become a Pampered Chef Consultant!! And OMG do I think I am going to love it!!! I received my kit to start selling and I am not joking it was like Christmas morning for me!! When I show my kit to others it's so exciting for me! I really think I have found something that I am going to love wait I already do!! It will make the perfect balance for me. Now I will be able to get out of the house visit with others and get them excited to get back to the basics of dinner time with family! Dinner time at our house is very important to us. We sit down as a family with no T.V on and ask the questions how was your day? What did you learn today? It is our time! I think all family's should do this.
My kids have friends that their family's never sit down as a family to eat, and when they come to our house for the night and get to sit down with our family one of their questions is wow you do this every night? Then their next statement is I wish our family did this.

So I am just so excited about the next stage of my life. Now I can go out and visit with people yet still make some money! And I still get to be a stay at home mom!! Wow both of all worlds! :-)

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Keegan and Riley helping Daddy work on the car!

Daddy that looks like hard work! I will sit here and watch you while I eat this ice pop!!

Ok I am done with my ice pop! What can I do to help?

Thats right Daddy out of my way lets see if I can fix it!!

These are some of my favorite moments to capture!! The kids are so big into helping out right now and it's just the cutest thing ever!!

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Here are a few cute pics!

Tiffany and Riley doing the whole leg thing!

They love each other!

Keegan has learned what the woods are!! He loves thinking he is hiding from you!

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How cool is this?

Riley has learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! We got her bike out last night that does not have training wheels on it and much to our surprise she took off on it! Wow I can not believe she is doing this at the age of 3!!!!! I am just so darn proud of her!!!

Sorry for the quality of the video it was from my phone.

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And then there was 5 again.

We are now back to a family of seven! We picked the girls up on Monday. They had a wonderful time. Hayden kept looking at us with this huge smile on her face. Riley was giving the best hugs ever!
The time they were gone did go by fast and we enjoyed just having Keegan for the days we did.
We went out to lunch everyday and a few dinners. I was having a blast with just one kid home during the day. We were never home!!!! My Neighbor Jenny and I even took Keegan to Joes Crab Shack Friday night for dinner for 3 hours! That was a lot of fun!

Well now that I am back to a full house I realize how much work having three baby's at home is. I guess before I knew no different. Plus we are having to de-spoil the girls a bit!! :-)

I am so happy to have our whole family back together they sure were missed while they were gone!!

Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will take all 3 baby's next year then Jason and I can go somewhere with lots of sun, palm trees, sand, hammocks, cold drinks with umbrellas in them.... Noooooo I don't have it planned already! ;-) HEHE

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